Bitcoin Web & Graphic Design

As of September 2017, Optimum Design ltd. accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for graphic and web design services. As digital currency is gaining momentum as a method of payment, we’re happy to be amongst many companies worldwide to accept Bitcoin.

Web Design Company That Accepts Bitcoin as a way of payment

Bitcoin Web Design

We accept Bitcoin currency for website design

Bitcoin Web Maintenance

We accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency for web maintenance services

Bitcoin Website SEO

We accept Bitcoin currency for Web SEO services

Bitcoin Graphic Design

We accept Bitcoin as a way of payment for graphic design services

Bitcoin Web Development & integration

We accept Bitcoin currency for Web development services

Bitcoin Consulting Services

We accept Bitcoin as a way of payment for consulting services

Bitcoin per request

We will consider payment in bitcoins for other services we offer – upon request

Bitcoin rates

Bitcoin price rate is calculated on the day when business offer is sent

Use Bitcoin to pay for web & graphic design services

“Web design pay by BitCoin” model, is nothing new but is constantly in increase. BitCoin is the first open source, decentralized virtual currency. You can use the currency around the world for any type of purchase. BitCoin even has an exchange where prices are determined. Unlike other currencies, which national governments strictly control, no one owns BitCoin. Supply and demand dictates the currency value.

We are supporters of Bitcoin. The first step was to accept payments in bitcoins from our clients. Paying employees in bitcoins is our next natural move.