A set of individuals in an organization can only work as a disoriented group if there is noneffective communication among them. To create efficient communication, you need a strategic communications plan. Strategic Communication Plan is the main plan of sharing quality information. Communication plan is the core of strategic management communication. It coordinates the communication activity with the mission, short and long term goals and objectives, strategies and tactics of the organization in a measurable way.

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Two keywords – consumer and profit.  Marketing traditional battlefield is understanding the consumer and the production or service that will meet the needs of the same consumer making at the same time a profit for suppliers. It is a simple money exchange for goods or services .

Four “P” – product, place, price and promotion make a successful marketing campaign for marketing experts and theorists.

Public relations skills and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their impacts, advise the leaders of the organizations to introduce the planned action programs that serve the interests of the organization and the public at the same time.

Public relations use knowledge and experience from a number of areas, overlapping with other disciplines, inclining to engage rather than exclude.


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Advertising represents the most convincing sales message about the actual product or service at the lowest price. Ad talks about what you say about yourself , and PR talks about how others see you.

Those who are engaged in market communication as a profession, divide it on the “classic” advertising or “above the line” (ATL) and everything else that they call “below the line” (BTL). Above the line goes press, TV, radio, and below the are sale spots, public relations (PR),  so-called direct marketing and relationship marketing.

Optimum advertising happens when your advertisement is a reflection of your PR

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Marketing communication is a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts. Marketing communication has two objectives. One is to create and sustain demand and preference for the product. The other is to shorten the sales cycle.