Web design


A well designed web site is always a step ahead of the competition. According to recent studies increasing number of people are primarily looking for some product or service on the Internet. According to the latest analysis, the number of active online users reaches 60% of the total population. The number of those who are one click away from Internet is growing daily thanks to the smart mobile phones and competitive telecommunication companies.

It has become necessity to have a well structured and attractively designed website. Cause most customers will decide to buy your product or service based on the subjective impression of your website, in most cases comparing them with websites of your competition.

Web design is our main field of business. We develop eye-catching, easy-to-use websites following modern trends in website development. Our goal when creating a website is – making it visually attractive, easy to use and search engine optimized.

Search engines are the best (and most frequent) source of targeted visits on the internet, and the targeted visitors are the key to the success of every website.

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Web optimization


Web optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – brings visitors to your site and later reminds them to come to your website again. Web optimization is process of optimizing websites for search engines, increasing targeted visits to a website through user search of keywords. Search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Excite…) positioning of websites is determined according to the keywords that best match the content of the page.

Our job when optimizing a website is – to  significantly raise the number of targeted potential customers to reach your pages and directly impact the monetization of your website.

What we do with the website once we start optimizing it?


detailed check of your competition
detailed check of “dead links”
detailed main keywords and long-tail keywords research
optimizing all meta tags (titles, descriptions…)
creating Search Engine friendly URL structures
creating Search Engine friendly navigation (sitemap, breadcrumbs…)
on-page link optimization (writing meta tags)
image optimization (size for faster loading, writing TITLE, ALT, DESC tags and renaming images to SEO friendly names
content optimization (accentuation – H1, H2, bold, italic, more frequent use of main keywords)
testing the loading speed of each page etc.


tracking the page rank and social bookmarking
tracking the link popularity and link building

Web integration


Web integration involves a process of connecting all the outputs of all activities and components essential for carrying out the web project as a whole.

Our websites are responsive, mobile friendly and can be viewed on any device without loosing the experience or information.

Activities included in web integration

Preparation and coordination aspects of the project (business model)
eCommerce, marketing and communications aspects are often carried out in cooperation with specialised partners and products (SEO, reach).
User interface sector (accessibility, visibility)
Development, technical and operational aspects. (web aplications, web hosting, analytics
Integration sector (social networks integration)

Our expertize

Web design
CMS integration
Web apps integration
On-page & Off-page SEO
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP experts

Eye-catching, user-friendly, Google-optimized website? Want it? Entrust your web to our team of experts – and you got it!