How to set up a Website – Step by step Guide for Dummies

By April 8, 2015Web design

If you want to learn how to set up a website – you have come to the right place. This step by step guide explains in detail how to set up one fast. So, lets cut to the topic right away. First, you need a domain.

How to set up a Website – Step 1:
Choosing and registering a domain

  • You might have already picked a suitable domain name for your website. But that name might be taken already. So, first thing that needs to be done is – checking domain availability. Go to and check availability by entering your desired domain name into search field.
  • You can play around as long as you like, trying out different domain names. Namecheap will suggest similar domain names if the search term is already taken. You can check Premium Domains if interested, right below Suggestions. Premium domains are domains with significant amount of traffic and reputation and they are costly. At the end – once you decided your domain name – you want to register it.
  • Before registering domain you will be prompted to register with Namecheap first. Right after domain registration you will receive an e-mail receipt with all the info. Voila – you are a domain owner!

How to set up a Website – Step 2:
Registering a host

  • Visit and chose one of the hosting plans that suit your needs the most. There are several reasons why you should register with Hostgator. Beautiful control panel, cheap service, unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, huge number of free website templates and 0-24 online technical support. And is dirty cheap. There can be found totally free hosting services – but I don’t recommend them, as you will want your website up all the time – and in case of a problem – you want answers. Choose your hosting plan based on your needs. Personally, I like Business Plan because of private IP address, but if you need just 1 website – go for Hatchling plan.

Once you have registered a host, you will receive an e-mail from them with all info needed –

  1. Your control panel URL
  2. Your Domain URL
  3. Your Username
  4. Your Password
  5. Your IP
  6. Your 1st Nameserver
  7. Your 2nd Nameserver
  • Now we need to connect our domain with the host. Go back to, log in and you will be at Namecheap – Member’s Home. On the left side you will see your account information. Right below is the field – QUICKLY MODIFY ONE OF YOUR DOMAINS. Type your domain name into the field ( and click MODIFY. 3rd row from the top is DNS transfer. Click it and copy/paste Your 1st Nameserver and Your 2nd Nameserver that Hostgator sent you. Voila – you have registered and connected a host with your domain!

How to set up a Website – Step 3:
Installing WordPress

  • Log in into your Webhost Manager Control panel (you have URL and username/password sent from Hostgator via e-mail). Based on the type of your host plan, you will want to assign/modify desired disc space, bandwidth and number of SQL databases that you will need. If you encounter any problem – Hostgator online technical support is always there for you.
  • Now type That will bring you to control panel of your domain. Check how many SQL Databases are allowed on the left column (If you have 0/0 in that field – go back to Webhost manager CP and modify SQL databases number to 1). Start Fantastico De Luxe – choose WordPress and follow the installation steps. You will receive e-mail with all the administrator information you need.

How to set up a Website – Step 4:
Installing WordPress Templates

  • Type in the URL field – – that will open up a WordPress log in screen for your website. Type your username and password that you got in e-mail. And you are now in WordPress admin area of your website.
  • Go to Appearance – Install Themes – refine your seach if you like and you will be presented with variety of website templates that you can install on your website. If you look for something more refined or more professional – I strongly recommend visiting or and buying professionally designed template. Voila – you now know how to set up a website!

If you are planning to create a website that will make money, you might want to approach more seriously to this topic. Having a website is one thing and ranking high on popular search engines is another. Proper keyword research, on-page optimization and link building are just few things you might want to become familiar with.

Anyway – you are now a proud owner and know how to set up a website. Cheers!